Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury

A day outing to Malmesbury in Northern Wiltshire was held on Thursday 26 April.

The purpose of the visit was to see the famous Abbey House Gardens, long remembered for not only their beauty but also the former owner, world renowned the Naked Gardener!

The gardens were fascinating but since we had had a late cold spring, were not in full flower. However, the outstanding displays of multi coloured tulips were most impressive. The other memorable display was the edging of Step over Apples which surrounded several borders and were in full blossom. Clearly a promise of a wonderful harvest later in the year.

We also met the huge pet tortoise who lived in its own little enclosure. On suggesting that we thought he might be lonely, we were told quite firmly that he was far too aggressive to be housed with others.

We were fortunate that the weather remained fine for most of the day, and the whole day proved to be extremely enjoyable.